Embroidery is very adaptable, almost all materials can be embroidered. Awkward locations are less of a problem than it is for screen printing. Items such as beanies, bags, jackets, cardigans and baseball caps can all be embroidered.

Screen Printing

Chelmsford Embroidery print all orders in house, and use the screen printing process, as it is still unrivaled in terms of print quality. Spot colours, special effect inks, and photographic reproduction produced with excellent results. Screen printing offers wash fastness, a soft hand, and consistent results when printing bulk custom orders.

Vinyl Printing

The speed of the process and it´s set-up, make it perfect for personalising the same garment or product numerous times with different designs. Sportswear is a great example, which requires several of the same types of T-shirt, each with differentiating player names and numbers. In this way, transfer printing allows detailed and unique customization for every piece.